Miocado is an online portal powered up by an Ocado organization to its employees to provide up to date information regarding their work schedules, payroll data, holiday request and other HR solutions. With the use of Miocado.net, employees can effortlessly keep track of their activities and manage them accordingly without attending the office session inside the Organization physically.
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Employees from anywhere who works is Ocado can make use of Miocado employee portal to manage their paychecks, schedule information and other HR-related information conveniently. Not only employees of Ocado but also the employers of different designations such as HR professionals, Recruiter and managers can make use of this portal to manage HR operations, compensations and employees information comprehensively.

It has reduced their effort and time through which are being able to handle the other works as well in the organization. The employer's main responsibility is to update employee's work-related information on a daily basis so no payment issues can be occurred during payments or providing salary.

Through Miocado employment, users can also apply for jobs which are relevant to their specified fields. In order to identify the relevant role, users can visit Miacado.net and fill the application process accordingly. However, you will not find any job information briefly on this website, but you can contact the respective telephone number provided on the website. If you are looking for warehouse jobs and driver jobs, you will be going to find a separate email address and contact number on this website.

About Ocado

Ocado was established in the United Kingdom and now became one of the largest online groceries retailer store in the world. It has been committed to providing efficient services to customers in terms of both quality and prices.

It has been built to create a new way of shopping, something which will cater to change the consumer behaviour in an environmentally and socially responsible way, which is a large central distribution centre where goods are picked into individual deliveries and delivered in vehicles. Orcado is catering to the digital age by bringing the grocery items into an internet, which means the people are taking shopping to the next stage. The employee base for handling these all activities in Ocado is very huge and that is why the company has created their online portal named as Miocado to manage the employee benefits online.

Things required for accessing Ocado

  • An Internet-enabled device such as a PC, mobile or tablets to browse the employee portal.
  • A reliable internet connection efficient enough to load pages.
  • Ocado username and password for login Miocado.
  • Only employees of Ocado are eligible to access this portal.

Miocado Login Guide

  • Enter the URL www.miocado.net from your browser
  • You will be able to view tabs like Fuse, Login and Report a hazard after entering to the home page of the Miocado.net.
  • Tap on the Login option and it will redirect you the Miocado's login page.
  • Enter your Ocado employee id and password and click on the Login button. 
  • Now, you can easily access to Ocado's employee benefits such as work schedule, pay roles, vacation, etc.